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Kitchen tools

      Great box of weights
      Scales 2 kg
      Mould for chocolate hen n° 2
      Mould for chocolate hen n° 1
      Small aluminium colander
      Tool to pick up crumbs, silver plated
      Nice wooden coffee grinder
      Chopper, metal and wood
      Pretty small pepper grinder
      Large iron rack for pie
      Small iron coffee-grinder
      Pretty bread cutter
      Colander with handle, aluminium
      Mural coffee grinder, blue color
      Large wire rack for cake
      Nice aluminium colander
      Tea pass, solid silver, n° 1
      Wooden spoon for olives
      Small aluminium colander
      Pretty bread cutter
      Small wooden pepper grinder
      Small wire rack for cake
      Charming iron toaster
      Aluminium colander
      Small rice ball in aluminium
      Tea pass, solid silver, n° 2
      Aluminium mould, fish
      Lemon juice maker
      Very old pewter teapot
      Nice measuring pot, pewter
      Large salt box in glass
      2 half moulds,
      Charming cooking apron
      2 wooden forks
      Small chopping block
      2 dishes for snails
      Iron ball for rice
      Old egg-whisp, it works !
      Coffee grinder, for travel
      Rare scales, strength 500 g
      Box for eggs, plastic, 1970
      Milk pail in aluminium
      Nice coffee grinder, roses
      Tool useful to cut the roast
      Coffee grinder, marked Japy
      Old colander, to use
      Great iron displayer for sausages
      Coffee grinder, red metal
      Rare metal butcher chopper
      Nut cracker
      Uncommon bottle opener
      Pretty small pepper grinder
      Small wooden shovel
      Mold for madeleines n° 1
      Old iron mold for chocolate, fish
      Mold for madeleines n° 2
      Beater for eggs, efficient !
      Beater for eggs, American ?
      Great terrine, blue pattern
      Tin mold for kouglof
      Great lemon squeezer
      Coffee grinder, bad condition
      Biggin in chromo-plated copper
      Great iron mould, ice cream
      Pliers for dish
      Aluminium spoon for ice-cream
      Tin mould for ice-cream
      Butcher's cleaver
      Measuring glass
      Nice tool to pick up crumbs
      Tool to cut slices
      Great mural coffee grinder
      Uncommon corkscrew
      Jar for foie gras
      For sugar, bistrot style, n° 2
      Iron basket for eggs
      Nice wooden coffee-grinder
      Iron mould for icecream
      Mural coffee grinder
      For sugar, bistrot style, n° 1
      Huge iron basket for salad
      Nice egg-whisp
      Rare egg-whisp
      Great tool to make yoghourts
      For beignets
      Iron thread to cut butter
      Aluminium coffee pot
      Wooden kitchen tool
      Wood & metal coffee grinder
      Kitchen tools set n° 2
      Kitchen tools set n° 1
      Mural coffee grinder with rose
      Small covered pot in aluminium
      5 nice aluminium pans
      Wire salad basket
      Mural coffee grinder Bretagne
      Uncommon egg-whisp
      Nice aluminium kitchen tool
      Aluminium ice-cream spoon
      2 small molds in aluminium
      Great pottery
      Rare coffee grinder
      Aluminium snail dish (large)
      Aluminium nice mold
      Nice iron scale 1 kg
      Vegetables grater


      Charming biggin with bird
      Great enameled kettle with bird
      Great enameled dish for tea
      White salt box
      Salt box, red roses
      Rare box for flour
      Enameled blue milk pot
      Enameled small cooking pot
      Enameled bowl for barb
      Nice box in enamelware
      Rare enameled item
      Uncommon enameled cup
      White match box, blue stripes
      Rare soup-tureen, nice shape !
      Flowered dish with butterfly
      White match box
      Coffee biggin, garland of roses
      Nice candlestick, blue stripe
      Rare stool, enameled seat
      Chair n° 1, enameled seat
      Chair n° 2, enameled seat
      Enameled skimmer with flowers
      Milk pitcher, polka dot
      Rare enameled butter-dish
      Enameled bread basket
      Nice enameled salt box
      Rare enameled item
      Coffee biggin with small checks
      Mould for kouglof, decorative
      Green enameled salt box
      Pretty tea-pot, from dinnerware
      Match box, red & white, checks
      Rare utensil rack, dinnerware
      Enameled sign, landscape
      Enameled candle-stick
      White enameled body pitcher
      Milk boiler, garland of roses
      Canister set, garland of roses
      3 green enameled canisters
      Milk pail, red stripes
      Enameled pan, B.B.
      Blue enameled coffee biggin
      Great enameled table
      Blue match box, B.B.
      Match box, marble decor
      Red and white match box
      Red and white salt box
      Laundry set, bad condition
      Enameled part of cooker n° 2
      Enameled part of cooker, n° 1
      Enameled sugar-bowl
      Enameled chamber pot
      Very small enameled sign
      Small enameled sign
      Rare enameled soap-rack
      Great enameled canister set
      Nice enameled coffee biggin
      Green lunch box
      Floral enameled body pitcher
      Enameled plate n° 1
      Canister coffee, garland of roses
      Enameled plate n° 2
      Utensil rack, Lustucru style
      Match box, plain model
      Set of 3 enameled canisters
      Rare enameled trivet, checks
      Great enameled french lavabo
      Small blue pitcher, some chips
      Enameled cooking pot B.B.
      Uncommon canister set
      Lower part of biggin, butterfly
      Red and white colander
      Canister for coffee,
      Nice orange pitcher
      Gleaming red and white biggin
      Charming enameled canister set
      Great white body pitcher
      Beautiful floral coffee biggin
      Nice utensil rack with plums
      Canister pepper, small roses
      Charming enameled teapot
      Nice enameled match box
      Enameled salt box
      Coffee biggin, small red roses
      Nice coffee biggin, corn flowers
      Great blue body pitcher
      Charming canister for tea
      Small set, good deal !
      Nice enameled canister
      Nice coffee biggin, porcelain shape
      Rare towel-rack with flowers
      Charming box for teeth-brush
      Enamled strainer with handle
      Charming floral coffee biggin
      Bread basket in enamelware
      Enameled canister for sugar
      Small floral coffee biggin
      Ladle for sauce, Lustucru
      Nice enameled body pitcher
      Dish for eggs, nice red
      Utensil rack with tools
      2 nice floral lids
      Nice enameled funnel
      Great coffee biggin with bird
      Red and white utensil rack
      White enameled kettle
      Basket, pansy & lily of the valley
      Nice utensil rack, B.B. mark
      Small blue coffee biggin
      Nice coffee biggin, raising flowers
      Coffee biggin to use !
      Coffe biggin, rare green color
      Small pitcher with lid
      Enameled bucket, cache-pot ?
      Enameled vase, good condition
      Utensil rack, small bird
      Canister for sugar, nice color
      Small mould for kouglof
      Enameled bread basket, flowers
      Small sign, rose pattern
      Large canister for sugar
      Uncommon enameled trivet
      Nice enameled canister for sugar
      Nice milk pail, red and white
      Great french lavabo, bird
      Salt box, floral pattern
      Utensil rack, nice landscape
      Rare red sugar-bowl
      Uncommon small basin
      Nice match box, red and white
      Small floral coffee biggin
      Salt box, uncommon pattern
      Red coffee biggin
      Salt box and match box
      Coffee biggin, for a vase ?
      Nice sugar-bowl, small checks
      Rare enameled soap box
      Rare soap-rack, shell
      Small floral pitcher
      Tea-pot B.B., small checks
      Red and white coffee biggin
      Salt box B.B., small checks
      Nice enameled toilet pitcher
      Large mould for kouglof
      Coffee biggin, raising bird
      Large lid for pan
      Canister, garland of roses
      Rare enameled shovel
      German enameled salt box
      Utensil-rack with bird pattern
      Red sugar bowl, B.B.
      Enameled candle-stick
      Milk boiler, small checks
      Coffee biggin, small checks
      Utensil rack, small checks
      4 canisters, small checks
      Blue coffee biggin, simple
      Great utensil rack, fortified castle
      Uncommon pitcher with parrot
      Utensil rack, uncommon design
      Cup for inhalation
      Pretty small biggin
      White and red milk pail
      Interesting biggin with pansies
      Rare dark blue tea-pot
      Rare enameled mustard-pot
      Coffee biggin, small roses
      Great sign with landscape
      Rare table stove
      Red and white pitcher
      Salt box with red checks
      Utensil rack, rare boat design
      Rare enameled egg-cup
      Coffee biggin, B.B., green design
      Small biggin, red and white
      Pitcher with green stripes
      Match box with small flowers
      Great blue set
      Great book about enamelware
      Salt box, Delft design
      Match box, checks, B.B.
      White pitcher, golden stripes
      Pretty biggin
      Salt box, "snow on the mountain"
      Rare canister set
      Nice biggin with floral design
      Red milk pail
      Pale brown milk pail
      Beautiful coffee biggin
      Coffee biggin, autumnal colors
      Uncomplete biggin, cherries
      Nice floral biggin, yellow shaded
      Floral utensil rack
      Red & white droopy biggin
      Enameled tea-pot, ivoiry color
      Red and white biggin with checks
      Pretty enameled tea-pot
      Orange & white utensil-rack
      Green shaded biggin, rose design
      Salt box, red and orange
      Nice red and orange set
      Red and white salt box
      Very small biggin, height 17 cm
      Enameled small sign
      Nice enameled pitcher
      Utensil rack with orange checks
      Tea-pot, with turquoise stripes
      Pretty red and white biggin
      Small blue canister set
      Great blue match box
      White and red milk-pail
      Great canister set
      Enameled ashtray (advertising)
      Pale green floral biggin
      Japy coffee biggin, rose & pansy
      Small pretty tea-pot
      Blue biggin, with white stripes
      Pink biggin with rose design
      Uncommon red tea-pot
      Red biggin, white flowers
      Great blue canister set
      Brown floral coffee biggin
      Red and white biggin
      White enameled match box
      Utensil rack, beautiful castle
      Nice yellow canister set, enamel
      Enameled scales with weights
      White canister set, green stripes
      Body pitcher, blue & white
      White biggin, red stripes
      Canister set, red and white
      3 piece coffee set
      Nice enameled blue salt box
      Great body pitcher, bird design
      Blue and white salt box
      Amazing milk pail
      Orange canister set


      Canister for tea, St Uze
      Nice bowl in good condition
      Nice yellow pitcher, small default
      Small funny plate
      Great butter-dish
      6 flat plates, brown landscape
      6 octogonal plates, pearls
      6 purple dessert plates
      Floral bowl n° 2
      Nice milk pitcher, Sarreguemines
      Beautiful sauce-boat
      Floral bowl n° 1
      Sugar-bowl, floral pattern
      6 cups and saucers, roses
      Floral sauce-boat
      To turn to the right side !
      Soup plate Bird n° 4
      Soup plate Bird n° 5
      Soup plate Bird n° 6
      Soup plate Bird n° 3
      Nice plate majolica currants ?
      Nice plate majolica cherries
      5 dessert plates Digoin
      Soup plate, Creil-Montereau
      Soup plate Bird n° 2
      Great plate for decoration
      Soup plate Bird n° 1
      Nice set of 3 soup plates
      Nice milk pitcher
      5 plates for cake, Longwy
      5 soup plates, new condition
      Nice pitcher, but damaged
      Old plate, before 1900
      4 soup plates, hand painted
      Charming saucer, violets
      Small milk pitcher St Uze
      Great cup for tea, bird
      Canister for salt
      Canister for flour
      6 charming dessert plates
      2 flat plates, birds
      Green match box
      Flat plate, nest and birds
      Charming plate, butterfly
      6 flat plates Digoin
      Pretty small milk pitcher
      Sauce-boat, nice rose !
      Milk pitcher, cherries
      Charming cup for coffee
      6 dessert plates, green color
      Nice butter-dish, cheap price
      4 soup-plates, birds
      Butter-dish, red rose
      6 flat plates, birds
      6 flat plates, from Sarreguemines
      Floral pitcher from Sarreguemines
      Round dish, roses, scratches
      Plate fruits and insects n° 1
      Oval dish, roses, rayures
      Plate fruits and insects n° 2
      Plate fruits and insects n° 3
      Plate fruits and insects n° 4
      2 green butter-dishes
      2 soup plates, roses
      Trivet with blue flowers
      6 dessert plates, small flowers
      6 soup plates, defaults
      Plate Oxford, bird, n° 1
      Set of 4 plates, for 2 persons
      Nice butter-dish, La Samaritaine
      Plate Oxford, birds, n° 2
      Plate Oxford, bird, n° 3, chip
      8 cups and saucers for tea
      2 nice plates, Longwy
      Canister for tea, cherries
      Porcelain canister for pepper
      6 green flat plates
      Advertising bowl
      Bowl with handles, Digoin
      Nice butter-dish, Longwy
      6 soup plates, model Lorraine
      3 nice plates for cake
      2 ivoiry plates, Sarreguemines
      6 pretty cups and saucers
      Bowl with green stripes
      2 nice plates, rooster and hens
      Charming bowl for barb
      3 canisters, Lustucru style
      6 beautiful soup plates
      Hollow ivoiry dish
      2 elegant plates, with pearls
      Salt box with red roses
      Charming match box, red roses
      Large canister for sugar
      Nice coffee biggin Fox Trott
      Set of 2 bowls, brown color
      Beautiful dish, Lustucru style
      2 small floral bowls
      6 flat plates, boats
      Ivoiry sauce-boat, Sarreguemines
      Round dish, pink design
      Canister for tea, green pattern
      4 floral dessert plates
      Canister for pasta, red roses
      Small nice soup-tureen
      2 nice dessert plates, fruits
      Nice dark pink pitcher
      Dessert plate, pretty tit
      Charming canister for pepper
      Large flat plate Burgenland
      2 soup plates, butterfly
      Canister for spices, rare pattern
      Nice oval dish, birds
      Nice canister, small roses
      Nice plate, frieze with birds
      Charming bowl, small flowers
      Nice canister for sugar, swallows
      4 ivoiry soup plates
      Nice canister for coffee, swallows
      2 cups for coffee
      2 butter-dishes, red rose
      Uncommon canister for salt
      3 small plates, cherries, majolica
      Match box, hand painted
      Nice bowl, apples
      Bowl with handles, Digoin
      Nice small milk pitcher
      Funny item for salt and pepper
      Pretty canister for pepper
      Charming small pitcher, St Uze
      Soup plate, bird and cherries
      Soup plate, bird and grape
      Dish with foot, for fruits
      Majolica canister, adopted lid
      Digoin pitcher, medium condition
      Majolica plate, currants ?
      Set of 2 canisters for spices
      6 dessert plates, red border
      Charming plate with birds
      Nice dish, color old pink
      Nice tobacco pot, majolica
      Great sauce-boat, iris
      2 nice soup plates, iris
      Nice bowl, blue flowers
      Nice hollow dish, iris
      6 nice flat plates, iris
      Butter-dish, couple of birds
      Majolica canister, damaged
      Charming sugar-bowl with rose
      Charming plate for baby
      Nice match box, but cracked
      Old canister for salt
      2 flat plates Moscou
      Salad bowl, unfortunately stained
      Nice flat plate, birds
      Great flat plate, nice birds
      Nice plate with birds
      Small bowl with handles
      Nice flat plate, birds and nest
      Great soup-tureen, elegant shape
      Old plate, Art Nouveau n° 1
      Old plate, Art Nouveau n° 2
      Charming bowl for beard
      2 flat plates, blue rose
      Oval dish Sarreguemines
      Canister for coffee, tulip
      Polka dot sugar-bowl
      Salt and pepper
      Small canister for pepper
      Great salad-bowl, red rose
      Butterdish, rare model
      Great plate with foot
      Jeannine's salad bowl
      Canister for sugar, small flowers
      6 flat plates, model Claudine
      Great plate model Oxford
      2 nice small cups
      Oval dish, model
      Dessert plate with bird n° 1
      Dessert plate with bird n° 2
      Plate with foot, green flowers
      6 flat plates, model Aïda
      Large brown bowl
      Great sauce-boat, pink pattern
      6 pink flat plates
      White ceramic salt box
      6 green dessert plates
      Huge green bowl
      6 dessert plates, small checks
      Dish for pie, small roses
      Nice floral bowl
      4 cups for coffee
      6 floral flat plates
      Nice floral set for cake
      6 soup plates, nice colors
      2 cups, yellow design
      6 flat plates, nice rose
      4 cups, Volubilis
      6 dessert plates, Digoin
      6 small plates, old songs
      Charmingoval dish, roses
      6 ivoiry saucers, Sarreguemines
      Small yellow milk pitcher
      Charming porcelain butter-dish
      6 flat plates, red and blue
      2 nice flat plates, H.B.C.M.
      Round hollow dish, rose
      Cup for soup, advertising
      Nice oval dish, rose
      Nice round dish, rose
      Great ceramic dish
      6 flat plates, Sarreguemines
      Nice canister for coffee
      Pretty canister for pepper
      6 flat plates, boats
      Salt box in porcelain
      Large cup Digoin
      4 nice flat plates, roses
      Nice bowl Digoin, Marylou
      4 pretty cups for coffee
      6 dessert plates, blue roses
      Pretty canister for tea
      2 cups for tea, porcelain
      8 flat plates, blue flowers
      4 dessert plates, roses
      Red sugar-bowl, polka dots
      Lovely small sugar-bowl Digoin
      2 cups for tea, poor condition
      Dish for cake + 6 plates
      6 flat plates, roses
      Small milk pitcher Digoin
      Nice pitcher, good condition
      Dish for pie Villeroy & Boch
      Butter-dish with rose, stained
      6 nice plates Badonviller
      Charming ceramic match box
      Round dish, red rose
      Oval dish with rose
      Great decorative dish
      6 nice dessert plates with rose
      Great porcelain canister for salt
      Jug in porcelain
      Great porcelain canister for flour
      Porcelain canister for pepper
      Set of 5 canisters, Sarreguemines
      Advertising bowl for oil Lesieur
      Nice soup-tureen, rose
      Nice bol for soup
      2 small nacreous bowls
      Nice hollow dish, birds
      Charming soup-tureen Marylou, cheap
      Canister for sugar
      8 small plates for tea party
      Nice soup plate, birds
      6 soup plates, Margaret
      Set of 2 dishes, red roses
      6 flat plates, red roses
      Nice salt box, small flowers
      6 flat plates, Margaret
      Large canister for sugar
      3 small nice canisters
      Pretty bowl, small chip
      6 beautiful flat plates
      Nice floral egg-cup
      6 beautiful soup plates - 36 €
      6 flat plates, nice fruits
      Great canister for coffee
      2 soup plates, rose and eyelets
      Large canister coffee, rose
      Pretty ivoiry match box
      Great and large salt box
      Nice bowl, 2 roses
      Nice cup and its saucer
      5 flat plates, small flowers
      Great ivoiry cup, not old
      Nice bowl with stripes, n° 2
      6 funny knife holders
      Nice bowl with stripes, n° 1
      Canister for sugar, flowers
      Charming cup with its saucer
      6 sunny dessert plates
      Small soup-tureen, nice flowers
      Set of 2 yellow bowls, Digoin
      Great coffee biggin with rose
      Charming bowl with rose
      Dish for cake, two roses
      6 nice plates, HBCM, rose
      Nice soup-tureen, red rose
      1 default but nice rose !
      Great soup-tureen, Sarreguemines
      Soup plate Birds n° 3
      Flat plate, nice daisies
      Great pink sauce-boat
      Flat plate Onnaing Birds n° 1
      Flat plate Birds n° 2
      Nice canister for spices
      Set for cake, new condition
      Sauce-boat with red rose
      6 great cups and saucers
      Great canister set
      6 nice plates with rose
      3 flat plates, nice roses
      6 beautiful soup plates, hand painted
      Great coffee set Digoin
      Round flat dish, Sarreguemines
      3 dessert plates with rose
      Beautiful soup-tureen, rose
      6 soup plates, nice model
      Nice sauce-boat with rose
      Nice salad bowl with roses
      6 flat plates, nice roses !
      Nice dish with rose, defaults
      Hollow dish
      Nice small soup-tureen
      2 nice cups for tea, porcelain
      Nice soup-tureen with eyelets
      Canister for spices, white & blue
      Canister for pepper, white & blue
      Canister for flour, white & blue
      Nice soup-tureen, red rose
      6 nice dessert plates Digoin
      6 flat plates, red rose
      4 soup plates, red rose
      Nice dish, red rose
      Great plate
      Small soup-tureen, Mary Lou
      4 pretty dessert plates
      Canister for coffee, small roses
      Funny plate Sarreguemines
      2 nice cups, roses
      Round dish, nice rose !
      Great soup-tureen, Sarreguemines
      2 flat plates, Mary Lou
      6 soup plates, dark blue rose
      Elegant purple sauce-boat
      6 nice Japanese cups
      Hand painted canister for coffee
      Canister for flour, hand-painted
      2 canisters, pepper and spices
      Nice floral bowl
      Nice small bowl
      Canister for coffee, children
      2 cups for tea, Digoin
      4 nice soup-plates, hand-painted
      Large dish, nice pinks
      2 cups for coffee, Digoin
      Charming soup-tureen, roses
      6 soup plates, simple flowers
      Large flat plate Longwy
      2 charming flat plates
      7 dessert plates Agreste
      Large canister for coffee
      Match box, cheap price !
      Soup plate
      2 flat plates, nice roses
      Floral bowl, from Gien
      Jésus, Marie and angels
      Great decorative plate
      Dish for pie, nice blue
      Great soup-tureen
      Small item, from Langeais
      Majolica plate n° 2
      4 flat plates, small flowers
      Majolica plate, n° 1
      Great salt box
      Nice small dish, hollow shape
      4 flat plates, rose pattern
      Round dish, nice rose !
      Nice set salt and matches
      6 dessert plates, nice blue !
      6 flat plates Digoin with rose
      Wonderful canister set
      Nice floral dish for pie
      Pitcher in earthenware
      2 porcelain dessert plates
      6 dessert plates, autumn colors
      Charming majolica plate, roses
      Elegant dark blue pitcher
      Tobacco pot, majolica
      Recent plate with butterfly
      Great large soup-tureen
      Nice butter-dish, green
      4 soup plates, flowers
      Nice canister for sugar
      6 flat plates, flowers
      6 flat plates in porcelain
      Canister for coffee, nice roses
      Dish for pie, roses
      Set of 3 small canisters
      6 porcelain plates, butterfly
      Charming mustard pot
      Dish from Alsace
      Charming soup-tureen, nice shape
      Dish for pie, Sarreguemines
      Salt box, emerald green color
      Nice soup-tureen, rose pattern
      Dish for pie, porcelain
      Elegant sugar-bowl, flowers
      Canister for sugar, hens
      Rare dish for pie with foot
      Canister for coffee, hens
      Large bowl in earthenware
      Large hollow dish, flowers
      Salt box, Lustucru with rose
      4 soup plates, small flowers
      Pretty small milk pitcher
      Large bowl, very good condition
      Bowl for child
      3 canisters with ducks
      6 dessert plates, rose pattern
      Oval dish, model Cibon
      Canister for rice, landscape
      Salt box, asiatic pattern
      4 dessert plates, purple color
      Nice floral soup-tureen
      Nice salad-bowl, rose
      Egg cup, rose pattern
      Small canister for spices, blue
      Nice floral salt box
      Nice bowl, dark pink pattern
      6 flat plates,
      Majolica canister, butterfly
      Canister for flour, wind-mill
      Great dish, cock pattern
      Nice salt box, HBCM
      Canister for spices, rare pattern
      Canister for sugar, rare pattern
      Large canister for coffee
      Sauce-boat, small flowers
      Large canister for sugar
      Salt box, fish pattern
      Great soup-tureen, birds
      2 hollow plates, blue pattern
      Charming canister set
      Match box, purple roses
      Set of very small canisters
      6 nice cups for coffee, Digoin
      Large dish, blue floral trim
      Canister for sugar, landscape
      2 flat plates Alsace
      Large salt box, checks
      Salad-bowl, stylized rose
      Floral canister for coffee
      6 floral dessert plates
      Lovely small sugar-bowl
      Floral dish for pie
      Nice sugar-bowl
      Great porcelain sauce-boat
      Rare canister for rice
      Large bowl, blue pattern
      Match box with angel
      Floral cup with foot
      Oval dish, rose pattern
      6 floral dessert plates
      Match box, small roses
      2 canisters, wild ducks
      Canister with small pansies
      2 pretty canisters
      Canister for spices, angel
      6 flat plates, uncommon pattern
      Floral sauce-boat
      6 dessert plates, castle
      Match box, nice flowers
      Canister for flour, landscape
      6 flat plates, blue pattern
      3 small canisters
      Floral butter-dish, ivoiry base
      Uncommon ceramic match box
      6 soup-plates, nice rose
      Salt box, Delft design
      Canister set, old yacht
      Charming match box
      Majolica canister for salt
      Majolica plate, plums
      Pitcher, cow design
      Majolica plate, strawberries
      Round dish, small flowers
      Salt box with fruits design
      Match box, blue design
      Interesting canister for rice
      6 small plates, blue design
      Soup-tureen, orange and black
      Soup-tureen with blue design
      Nice match box, floral pattern
      Large canister for sugar
      2 egg-cups with cicada
      Nice tea-pot from Sarreguemines
      6 dessert plates, Isabelle
      2 soup-plates, purple color
      Flour canister, fish design
      Salt box, nice roses
      Porcelain canister for flour
      Salt box with blue design
      Salt box, redbreast
      Canister for sugar, violets
      Large canister for vermicelli
      Floral match box
      Salt box, with discrete crack...
      Salt box with nice butterfly
      Great cup with foot
      Small pitcher for milk
      Uncommon box for flour
      For coffee, raising design
      Beautiful salt box
      Uncommon canister for sugar
      Blue floral sauce-boat
      Rare canister for semolina
      Complete porcelain canister set
      Large canister for sugar
      Milk-pitcher, Japanese design
      Canister for spices, pink and blue
      Sauce-boat, rooster design
      Uncommon flour canister
      Canister for rice, plums design
      Porcelaine canister, pepper
      Dessert plate, Jeanne d'Arc
      Small canister set, porcelain
      6 dessert plates, Badonviller
      Great pitcher Lunéville
      Canister for coffee, H.B.C.M.
      Sugar canister, roses
      Canister for coffee, Badonviller
      6 flat plates Strasbourg
      Nice soup-tureen, pink color
      Old plate from Choisy le Roi
      Large dish with rose
      Blue canister for coffee
      Porcelain salt box
      Porcelain sauce-boat
      Art-deco match box
      Old funny plate
      Old plate from Creil-Montereau
      Round dish, rose design
      Choisy le Roi's plate
      Plate about wedding
      Plat with cock n° 1
      Plate with cock n° 2
      Funny small plate number 1
      Nice soup-tureen from Badonviller
      Jeanne d'Arc plate n 1
      Jeanne d'Arc plate n 2
      Rare box for flour
      Cup and saucer, red and blue
      Salt box, model
      Pretty canister for spices
      Jar for mustard "Dijon"
      Porcelain salt box
      Nice dish for cake, dark-pink
      Bowl with brown stripes
      Rare match box from Digoin
      Nice floral canister set
      Plate with children design
      Great floral sauce-boat
      Salt and pepper cellars "rabbit"
      Nice pitcher with ducks
      Nice small milk pitcher
      Match box with boat design
      Mustard pot, blue flowers
      Great dish for aperitif ?
      Match box with blue design
      Nice dish from Luneville
      Pretty floral sugar-bowl
      6 soup plates rare design
      Nice salad-bowl, blue design
      Set, blue stripes with flowers
      2 plates for asparagus
      Nice dish with foot, tulips
      6 yellow cups for coffee
      Dark green pitcher
      6 saucers Villeroy & Boch
      Floral match box
      Small porcelain match box
      6 flat plates, red design
      Salt box, floral design
      Nice floral cup
      Pink dish for pie
      Great ceramic pitcher
      6 flat plates, brown rose
      6 flat plates
      6 pink & red dessert plates
      6 dessert plates, pink & blue
      Match box, floral pattern
      Yoghourt Ukraine
      Tabac pot
      Nice salt box, porcelain
      A nice coffee set
      Majolica salt box
      Coffee set
      Oil and vinaiger
      5 floral canisters
      Nice porcelain knife rest set
      Great salt box, butterfly design
      Great match box

Linen and decoration

      Pretty small wooden frame
      Wooden lamp base n° 2
      For bathroom, rose design
      Small shelf for kitchen
      Old wooden travel trunk
      Nice floral soap-dish
      Charming heron in brass
      Great shelf for plants
      Plaid number 4, new
      Plaid number 1, new
      Plaid number 3, new
      Plaid number 5, new
      Plaid number 7, second-hand
      Plaid number 2, new
      Small wooden frame
      Nice for flowerpot
      2 floral cushions, new
      Sandstone grey jar
      For a plant ? nice rose !
      Embroidered stripe for shelf
      Photo stand, brass and glass
      Wooden box with floral design
      Small metal plate, recent
      Nice fabrics, flowers
      Floral fabrics, from a curtain
      Nice vase, art deco style
      To hide a flower pot
      2 butter-dishes, for soap-rack ?
      Small wooden frame n° 1
      Small wooden frame n° 2
      Coat hanger, wood and metal
      Enameled sign, gas
      Nice red clock, formica
      Wooden coat-rack, to improve
      Charming small basket
      Nice ceramic, lion and lioness
      Thermometer on carved wood
      Lamp-shade with green edge
      Great small lamp-shade
      Rare lamp shade, turquoise blue
      6 napkins, cotton
      Fabrics, green and white checks
      Fabrics to put on tablecloth
      Great wooden rack for mail
      Fabrics, red and white checks
      Nice trivet with bird
      Nice bathroom cabinet
      Small toleware sign for decoration
      Charming accessoiries for toilet
      Nice trivet with bird and music
      Wooden signboard, Suchard
      Frame with bird and cherries
      Frame, bird and gooseberries
      Napkin for embroidery, bird
      Large napkin for embroidery
      Charming beater for carpet
      Charming chromo, fruits
      Nice trivet, pansy
      Original vase !
      Charming small frame
      Great trivet with birds
      3 towels, country style
      Chamber pot, rose pattern
      Great cache-pot n° 1
      Charming soap-rack
      Great cache-pot n° 2
      Blue feet for table or piano
      Green feet for table or piano
      Toothbrush cup, green color
      Toilet pitcher, vase ?
      Great embroidered doily
      Nice lamp shade, raspberry color
      Small furniture for shaving
      Charming pillow slip
      Wooden rack for pipes
      Charming sewing basket
      Great shelf for bathroom, violets
      Uncommon glass lamp-shade
      Iron shelf with squirrels
      Great pair of vases, majolica
      Charming soap-rack
      Metal rack for towels, bath-room
      Elegant coat rack in brass
      Enameled vase, bird pattern
      Charming coat rack
      Nice doily in cotton
      Opaline lamp-shade, nice shape
      Great chamber pot, Digoin
      Charming small blue vase
      Rare pyrogravated picture, n° 1
      Rare pyrogravated picture, n° 2
      Small basket, rose pattern
      Ceramic trivet, blue birds
      Red and white table-cloth
      Large rectangular basket
      Nice small basket
      Charming ceramic and metal trivet
      Great lamp shade
      Small blue lamp-shade
      Ceramic trivet, metal feet
      Towel rack in aluminium
      Decorative item in iron wire
      Stretching metal towel-rack
      Advertising cardboard
      Nice copper candle-stick
      Nice chromo G. Falchetti, n 2
      Cardboard, bistrot n° 1
      Small old shelf
      Nice shelf with hooks
      Shelf decoration in lace, children
      Small shelf, not perfect
      Charming strip in lace
      Charming shelf, 2 drawers
      2 embroidered bands for shelf
      Wooden lamp base
      Item for bathroom, flowers
      Plaid number 6, new
      Charming wooden frame
      8 pretty cotton rounds for glass
      Towel-rack in aluminium
      Old mirror, wooden frame
      Coat-hanger, never used
      Charming towel rack
      Lamp shade n° 1, tiny default
      Lamp shade n° 2, tiny default
      Nice lamp-shade, emerald green
      Nice bracket lamp with angel
      For shelf, price for 1 meter
      Rare shelf with brass decor
      Nice decoration for shelf
      Nice vase, Monaco
      Wooden signboard, Poulain
      Great vase in enameled glass
      Charming mirror
      Nice frame, grandfather
      Nice frame, grandmother
      Displayer for teeth-brush
      Great vase
      Nice candle-stick in metal
      2 glass buttons for drawer
      Enameled vase, but cracked
      Elegant vase in glass
      Small green enameled lamp-shade
      Enameled lamp shade, dark blue
      Charming couple in copper
      Advertising cardboard, bistrot
      Shelf, rack for dishes and pans
      Stripes for decoration, sewing
      Opalin lamp shade
      Tablecloth in cotton, to wash
      Great tablecloth, cotton ?
      Do you like cats ?
      For shelf, price for 1 meter
      Charming glass cabinet
      Charming ceramic vase
      Great lamp-shade, rare shape
      Models for monograms
      Rare lamp-shade, color amber
      Great calender, 1903 !
      Charming lamp-shade
      Charming coat rack + mirror
      Metal and ceramic trivet
      Charming shelf in beech
      Aeration roofing, for decoration
      Rare hexagonal lamp-shade
      Rare aluminium lamp-shade
      Rare vase in wood and brass
      Great blue soap-dish
      Charming iron basket, not old
      Toilet pitcher, purple flowers
      Wooden tray, Alsace's landscape
      Great ceramic tray, flowers
      Sign number street 98
      Charming tray
      Lamp-shade, apples pattern
      2 accessoiries Baccarat
      Rare tooth-brush holders
      Wooden coat-rack
      Ticking fabric, price by meter
      Great chromo, nice frame
      Nice toilet pitcher, pink pattern
      Nice vase with fishes
      Embroidered decoration for shelf
      Hairdresser's spray
      Toilet pitcher, red roses
      Great toilet set
      Embroidered doily
      Egg basket, not old
      Charming lithography, a lake
      Old brass candle-stick
      Charming floral tray
      Charming bottle in glass, vase ?
      Nice book number 2
      Nice book number 1
      Empty perfume bottles
      Decoration for shelf, hand made
      Soda abricota glaoid
      Advertising cardboard
      Small soap-dish (toleware)
      Red decoration with apples
      Great jar for plant
      Paper advertising item
      Large lithographied box
      Opalin vase, floral design
      Rare purple lamp-shade
      Charming wooden towel-rack
      2 wooden hangers "Orly"
      Advertising sign, sheet metal
      Toleware towel-rack
      Small bronze candlestick
      Blue toothbrush cup
      Hair-dryer, for decoration
      Coat rack in aluminium
      Lamp-shade, red color
      Rack for ironer
      Small white lamp-shade
      For bathroom
      Pretty small cupboard
      Advertising for chocolate
      Hooks from butchery
      Red and white towel-rack
      Large iron tool for well
      Enameled sign n 60
      Iron tool for well, kitchen's deco
      Nice plate for decoration
      Wooden magazines rack
      Nice glaod
      Large lid for cheese n 1
      Large lid for cheese n 2
      Advertising cardboard poster
      Porcelain hooks, bath-room
      White iron towel-rack
      Towel rack
      Blue lamp-shade
      Lithografied toleware sign
      Decoration for shelf, blue lamps
      Decoration for kitchen n 2
      Small ceramic towel-rack
      Enameled lamp-shade
      Nice earthenware vase

Other discoveries

      Charming pendant, rose
      Gold earings
      Pendant with nice stone
      Nice gold brooch, small diamond
      Very nice gold brooch
      Very small gold cross
      Nice brooch in gold
      Beautiful gold cross
      Silver brooch,
      Charming gold cross
      Silver plated set for cake
      6 old glasses, bistrot
      Nice advertising ceramic ashtray
      4 old glasses, bistrot
      Small vase, pottery
      Great box ELESCA
      Pink decanter, lily of the valley
      Conical jar for jam
      Set of 2 cups Viandox
      2 nice champagne glasses n° 2
      Charming box in olive wood
      2 nice champagne glasses n° 1
      Small advertising cardboard
      Glass butter-dish, cow design
      Sewing basket, for handywoman
      Sheet metal clock
      Bistrot's eggs displayer, advertising
      Flat Ruler Chocolat Lombart
      Pretty box in olive wood
      Charming sewing basket
      Displayer in glass for flowers
      Wooden darning mushroom
      Bistrot pitcher
      Large jar for tobacco
      Set of 2 marmelade jars
      2 pink glass bowls
      Great French sewing box
      For cheese
      Advertising pot
      6 small bistrot glasses
      Pot for crocus
      Charming decorative basket
      Old folding rule
      Great lithographed box
      Nice set for salt, silver
      Tin box Chocolat Poulain
      Yellow cup Viandox
      Nice very small jar
      Advertising box for card game
      For salt and pepper, in glass
      Canister for tea, aluminium
      Small soap-rack, sheet metal
      Great jam jar
      Fruit basket, carved wood
      Straw-holder Orangina
      2 pretty jam pots
      Great jar for herbalist
      Great old jam pot
      Charming box, small roses
      4 canisters for yoghourt
      Small lithographed box
      Pendant, grey gold and sapphire
      2 aluminium canisters, coffee and tea
      Advertising cup, around 1970
      Nice advertising tin box
      Pretty small enameled jug
      Toleware box, pretty baby
      Small glass jar for marmelade
      6 small glass jars
      Pitcher Pastis 51
      Mug for beer, Alsace
      Tray in aluminium, bistrot ?
      Large jar with lid in bakelite
      2 placemats, bistrot ambience
      Charming wooden pencil box
      Alulminium trivet
      Great blue butter-dish
      Toleware trivet, flowers
      Utensil rack in aluminium
      Small item in memory of Paris
      Old wooden salad servers
      Incredible box for sweets, 1927
      Box for cigarettes, 1937
      English bread basket in pewter
      Charming tin towel-rack
      Sugar-displayer, Pastis 51
      Nice wooden jewelry box
      Rare stand for eggs, bakelite
      Cup Viandox, blue lettering
      Small scissors for sewing
      Glass jar with original label
      Mug for beer, Alsace
      2 tin boxes, small roses
      2 canisters in aluminium
      Great glass jar, bakelite lid
      Nice box in pewter
      Nice candlestick in copper
      Nice small vase, for hyacinth ?
      Great fly catcher
      Elegant glass jug
      Cup Viandox, blue lettering
      Blue cup Viandox
      6 small enameled glasses
      Nice small jar, pottery
      Pitcher, pottery, from Alsace ?
      6 nice bistrot glasses
      Charming gold medallion
      Nice lithographied box
      Bread wooden basket
      10 dessert plates, glass
      Advertising tin box, red roses
      Advertising tin box, red roses
      Banania canister for rice
      Large fly-catcher without cork
      Straw dispenser Pampryl
      Rare small pyrogene
      Banania milk bottle
      Advertising box for cheese
      Lustucru wooden match box
      Nice pitcher, pottery
      Nice pitcher from Savoie
      Red and white tin set
      3 canisters chromium & bakelite
      2 small glasses for liqueur
      Jar for jam, pottery
      Nice lithographed box
      Gold pendant, butterfly
      Banania box
      Glass butter-dish, cow
      Mustard pot, opaline
      Vase for hyacinth
      Nice small pitcher, sandstone
      Old item in iron wire
      Nice copper pitcher
      Match box, cherries
      4 glasses
      Yellow viandox cup
      Interesting cup Viandox, blue
      Pretty small basket
      Tin box, for cakes
      Small glass mustard pot
      Charming jar for cookies
      Nice watering can in zinc
      Small glass pitcher
      6 wine glasses in crystal
      Glass canister set
      Iron jar for flour
      Eggs dispenser, bistrot
      Charming small green carafe
      Wire bread toaster
      6 bistrot glasses
      Jars, spices or marmelade
      For champagne !
      Old magazine, 1908
      Straw holder Orangina
      Tiny wooden basket
      Mustard pot, Digoin
      Bottle for milk Banania
      Pretty small basket
      Pitcher in sandstone
      Egg displayer, bistrot style
      8 small drawers for handywoman
      Set of 6 small glass pots
      6 yogurt pots in glass
      Great slab in bronze, angel
      Large ice cubes keeper, apple
      3 yogurt pots in ceramic
      4 small bistrot glasses
      Large ice cubes keeper, pear
      Charming wooden tray
      Straw holder, advertising
      Nice set for salt, silver
      Advertising fan for apéritif
      Advertising fan for cognac
      Elegant soup tureen, inox
      Advertising wicker bottle holder
      Advertising face to hand mirror
      Charming small pitcher in copper
      Interesting baker's basket
      Set of 2 humidifiers in ceramic
      Small tin box Félix Potin
      Straw holder Orangina
      Rare tin box for chocolate
      Milk bottle, recent copy
      Charming old bird drinker
      Charming small vase, sandstone
      Nice decanter, etched glass
      Salt box in fir wood, mountain ?
      Christian communion glass n° 1
      Christian communion n° 2
      Butter-dish with a cow
      Large wooden shovel
      Milk bottle, middling condition
      3 old bistrot glasses
      Pretty small tin box
      Great box Chocolat Menier
      Nice glass decanter
      Set Banania
      6 dessert plates in
      Mug for beer, Alsace
      Set for cake, in glass
      Rare box in cardboard
      Eggs displayer, in bakélite
      Great jar in grey sandstone
      Jar with bakelite lid
      Nice mustard pot, Digoin
      Nice cup with foot, for fruits
      Rare tin box cacao Talmone
      6 glasses without foot, funny !
      Funny small dog, hand made !
      Opalin mustard-pot
      Great fly catcher
      Nice canister set in aluminium
      Nice bottle of milk
      Charming advertising tin box
      Stoup in metal, art-deco
      2 advertising cups, around 1970
      4 small feet in glass, for table
      Nice blue
      Iron basket for glasses
      Rare ice bucket in bakelite
      Pencil box, nice wood
      Charming small blue vase
      Small box Banania, decoration
      4 advertising plates in metal
      Great mustard pot, advertising
      Ice cubes keeper, bistrot
      Utensil rack, Lustucru !
      Advertusin box for cheese
      Rare wooden salt box
      Mustard pot in opalin
      Small vase, Savoie's pottery
      Charming small suitcase
      Great small pottery
      Pretty wire basket for glasses
      Nice small pottery
      Uncommon small pottery
      Mustard jar for collection
      Small decorative basket
      3 pretty small baskets
      Hand bag, vintage
      Great ashtray, lithographed tin
      Small iron basket (toy)
      Zinc basket for fishing
      2 small bistrot glasses
      Rare box cacao Saintoin
      Tin box chocolate Elesca
      Large pitcher, sunny color
      Tiny bakelite ashtray
      Small rustic basket
      Lithographied mail opener
      Charming mustard-pot
      Lithographied box for soap
      Small folding stool
      Wooden bread basket
      Ceramic mustard pot
      Large jar for sweets
      Old advertising tin box
      Pretty lithographied tin box
      Small iron scales
      Nice blue bottle
      Large advertising ashtray
      Charming wicker basket for fruits
      Droste's cacao tin box
      Rare large box Bensdorp
      Funny glass bottle for wine
      Great bistrot pitcher
      Small tin box, Phoscao
      Advertising carafe for Pernod
      Advertising ashtray Cinzano
      2 funny wooden boxes
      Large tin box Bensdorp
      Nice lithographied tin box
      Pretty small tin box
      Tin box Elesca for coffee
      Huge jar for mustard
      Original glass decanter
      Large iron basket for glasses
      Advertising bistrot item
      Charming jar for sweets
      Ashtray, Mpt & Chandon
      Nice crucifix, wood and bronze
      Enameled glass decanter, heron
      Bistrot decanter, advertising
      Glass jar for mustard
      Glass decanter, bistrot style
      Uncommon aluminium dish
      St Raphael ceramic ashtray
      Yoghourth des Balkans
      Bistrot decanter
      Lithographed ashtray
      For salt and pepper, brass
      Entering of mail box
      Rare advertising egg-cup
      Advertising salt-shaker
      Funny wooden canister
      Old jar, "C.A.M.E."
      Mustard pot "Parizot"
      Pitcher for
      Small tin, olive oil
      Jar for yoghourt Benoit
      Pretty old pepper box n 2
      Rare advertising item, Menier
      Jar for yoghourt Equilait
      Interesting glass decanter
      Nice tin box
      Metal ashtray for insurance
      Opalin asthray for Ricard
      Ricard Pitcher
      Jar for yoghourt OFCO
      Felix Potin tin box
      Advertising ashtray Cusenier
      Toleware insurance sign
      Rare bistrot mustard-pot
      Large tin box Chocolat Menier
      Agenda Flix Potin 1936
      Tin box, Flix Potin
      Bottle with old label "tomato"
      Glass decanter
      Tin insurance sign
      Great jar with its label
      Almanach 1926
      Tin box for "Poulain" chocolate
      Nice small mustard-pot
      2 egg-cups, around 1970
      For mustard, salt and pepper
      Jar for yoghourt
      Small tin box Elesca
      Yoghourt jar Judith
      Bistrot advertising bottle
      Dundee marmalade jar
      Funny ashtray
      Pretty tea-pot, copper
      Tole box "Perfect"
      Iron trap for small mouse
      Great enameled jar in glass
      Tin soap box
      Montmartre, Paris
      Large tin box for sweets
      Green soap tin box
      For champagne !
      Rare glass wig-stand
      Nice barometer-thermometer
      Restaurant's finger-bowls
      Insurance sign, "Phenix"
      Toleware box for sweets
      Large box for sweets
      Majolica fish, kitsch !!!
      Very small basket for glasses
      Great wooden shovel
      Large toleware box
      Plaster footballer
      Toleware sign
      Funny miniature bicycle
      Great enameled insurance sign
      Oil can for kitchen's decoration
      Very rare wire car
      2 "sample" boxes for shoppe

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