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Jolietrouvaille means "nice find" or "nice discovery." Jolietrouvaille is a French store where you can shop when you wish to, from France, or from anywhere around the world. In this shop, there are some things which were used in the past in French houses, and more especially, in kitchens.

Most of them were simple things, but very decorative, and were used everyday.
Now, many of them have disappeared and there is a little nostalgia. Perhaps we need these things sometimes to find our roots.

A nice enameled coffee biggin, some canisters, a simple basket......and go back into a past which is not so far away.
Then, sometimes, a thunderbolt happens, so unexpected and irresistible.
But, who is managing the shop ? Ah, you want to know !

Blandine is managing the shop. One day, some time ago, perhaps a little by chance, she caught the "hunting bug". Antiques, which were a passion, became a profession.
She proposes her discoveries to all that share her taste for these nice old things.

Her customers often become her friends, and she is really very happy when she finds for them an item that they search for since a long time.

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